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I love being behind the camera, contributing an amazing experience and creating timeless images. 


The business side of my photography is primarily sports & social events and family & children portraiture. However, my artistic passion lies in creating compelling documentary portraits and photoessays. Not nearly as good with words, I find joy in telling a story with images. My style isn't forced, I try to capture the natural beauty of my clients, often taking a step back and allowing the natural events to occur. I look to provide the creative canvas, but let the subject shine in what comes naturally.  


Photography is a collaborative process, involving three participants – photographer, subject and viewer.  Photographic images have little power if the viewer does not activate them.  Images are given strength through the imagination of the viewer and the reaction they produce. So I work to create images that will stand the test of time, meant to be seen, engage the viewer and produce a positive energy.


Let’s collaborate.

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